About Us

At Fon & Tkoon, our in-house experts design jewellery that uplifts, enchants and endures the test of time; using only the finest quality precious metals and sustainably sourced natural gemstones and diamonds. Our line embodies exquisite artistry and timeless elegance that make each individual piece uniquely special and heirloom-worthy.

We don’t define luxury as an expense or exclusivity, rather as exceptional craftsmanship coupled with the freedom to express your true self. Our take on opulence is presented in the form of some of earth’s most spectacular gemstones that bring colour and exuberance into your life — from neon pink spinel stones, to vibrant aquamarine gems and classic deep blue sapphires. The only aspect these precious stones have in common is their ability to wonder, inspire and sparkle relentlessly.

We understand the importance of selecting something so deeply personal and of significant value. For that reason, all of our jewellery is photographed outdoors without the presence of artificial lighting in order to reveal the genuine beauty of each individual stone. We also ensure to include their corresponding certificates to guarantee their authenticity, as well as provide detailed care instructions so that you will treasure your prized jewel for years to come.

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